10 Tips To Make Your Human Hair Wig Look Flawless Everyday

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Lace front wigs give you the versatility, freedom, and choice of changing hairstyles when you wish.  As expected, Human hair wig gives you a unique outlook without all the added troubles of styling your natural hair in a short period notice. Just like with all hair wigs and extension products, some care is needed to ensure your lace front wig looks flawless and fabulous every single day. To get you started, below are practical ways of taking care of your human hair wig.

  • 1. Proper Human Hair Wig Storage

Whether you invest in a cheap human hair wig or branded lace front wigs, one aspect that remains universal is that of proper storage. To keep it in optimum condition, invest in a special wigs stand. The special wig stand ensures the wig does not ball up into an unsightly mess. What’s more, it allows it to air dry. Doing so allows your heads sweat to dry out from within the cap lining and hence your wig does not stink.

  • 2. Carefully Remove Tangles From Your Human Hair Wigs

One aspect that makes frontal lace wigs so enticing is the smooth tangle free aspect of the human hair. However, for it to be genuinely smooth, that means it is also delicate. The delicateness, unfortunately, is a negative aspect that makes the wigs susceptible to damage. When and if your frontal lace wig develops tangles, aim to untangle any knots with your hands. Gently unraveling them will extend the useful life your human hair wig.

  • 3. Employ Proper Technique Of Brushing Your Human Hair Wig

Attachment of the wefts to the wig cap is usually down in one direction. This allows it to lay flat eliminating unnecessary bumps. Keep this in mind when brushing your hair as doing so removes the creation of weak joints. Additionally, when combing ensure you use a wide tooth comb. This allows minimal tension to be placed on the hairs hence avoid pulling. Overall, ensure you keep your brushing zeal is kept to a bare minimum. Neglecting to do so will lead to rips being, and hence the wigs that look natural will end up looking like a complete disaster.

  • 4. Regularly Wash Your Human Hair Wig

Make it a point to wash your human hair wig in regular intervals especially if you often use it. Just as you would treat human hair, detangle the hair in cold water. Buy a good quality shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair of all elements and use that. Doing so allows it to be clean and free of grime and dirt without being left dry and brittle.

  • 5. Properly Dry Your Human Hair Wig

Regardless of how much in a hurry you are, do not wring out your human hair wig to dry out as you do with healthy hair. Once you do that,  this hair becomes brittle and prone to snapping when it’s wet; avoid wringing. Pat the lace front human hair lightly with a towel. Once the excess water is out, just air dry it for the best results.

  • 6. Keep The Human Hair Wig Properly Nourished

Your natural hair needs proper nourishment in protein and minerals. This keeps it looking shiny and healthy as it has a protective hair balsam. In the same manner, treat your human hair wig. Even if you cannot keep your lace front wig with human hair from getting dandruff and the likes, investing in a hair balsam keeps it looking shiny and smooth.

  • 7. Avoid Excessive Heat On A Human Hair Wig

When you invest in a Caucasian lace front wig, chances are you are hoping you have an endless amount of time and opportunity styling it up to your preferred desired. However, most hairstyles involve a lot of heat to change the styling technique completely. As expected, the human hair wig that you invest in doesn’t mean it’s not impervious to heat. As it isn’t heat resistant, it can burn into nothing, and it’s for this reason you should keep the direct heat far away from your wig.  

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  • 8. Periodically Treat Your Human Hair Wig

Though the Brazilian lace front wig isn’t attached to your head and by all definition it is dead, using some form of treatment might seem redundant. However, treated human hair wig is much more manageable than hair that has been shampooed only. It’s also soft to touch and hence advisable to do so in regular intervals.

  • 9. Limit High Tension Hair Styles On Your Human Hair Wig

Glue, chemical bonding, and various needle and thread techniques are some of the ways of attaching a hair weft to a wig cap.  As these techniques are not permanent, a hairpiece can rip up in case of excessive pulling. To avoid doing so to your bob lace wig, aim to avoid high tension hairstyles that can cause a rip. Doing so eliminates excessive pulling and hence avoid damage to your wig altogether. 

  • 10. Take Extra Care When Dyeing Your Human Hair Wig

Finally, whether you are dealing in lace front wigs for men or women, aim to take special care when dyeing your hair.  Unfortunately, unknown to many people, most hair dyes have additional harmful bleaching elements to enable the color changing procedure. For this reason, care should be taken when bleaching.  Do not keep on changing the hair color just because it’s not your real hair as it still changes the structural composition of the hair cuticle making it weak. When dying is completely necessary, ensure you use the proper procedure in coloring to achieve the desired color and still have an excellent human wig.

  • Conclusion

As seen above, taking care of your Human hair wig takes a considerable amount of effort and energy. You need actually to want to take care of your lace front wig. Nonetheless, following the above guideline will help extend its usefulness. Overall, when dealing with such an investment, it’s good to remember that it’s actually real hair and hence should be treated like one.

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