How to clean pearls Metal Cage Pendant Base

pearls Metal Cage Pendant

Arguably, most individuals consider pearl pieces of jewelry as a sign of unblemished perfection when it comes to fashion. Additionally, pearl cage pendant, usually made of shiny materials, helps people to complete their outfit. However, most of them do not know how to clean pearls, thus do not give the cage pendant the required care. Therefore, if you want to restore your pearl, consider using the tips below.

  • Mix a mild dishwashing detergent with water

The first step of cleaning the pearl cage pendants is adding soap to warm water. Since the cages are usually relatively small, approximately one cup of warm water is enough. Few drops of a gentle soap should then be added and mixed thoroughly. However, the amount of soap added should be adequate to make the water soapy.

  • Wipe the pearls with the soapy water

Secondly, you should wipe the pearl pendant with the soapy water. The wiping cloth should be dipped into the soap solutions to make it wet. Consequently, the wiping should be done gently to ensure that the pendant is not scratched. The cloth used should also be smooth and clean to avoid dirtying the cleaned object.   

pearls Metal Cage Pendant
  • Wipe the soapy water from pearls

Subsequently, the third step of how to clean tarnished jewelry is wiping the soapy water from the pearl. You should first rinse the cloth used with clean water or use a different soft cloth. Using the damp cloth, remove all the soap from the pearl pendant since it can make the surface duller. Also, the wiping should be done gently to avoid scratching the item.

  • Dry the pearls

After cleaning pearl jewelry, it should be dried. The most appropriate way of drying it is by leaving it on a towel. If the pearl cage pendant is washed together with the necklace, you should keep the necklace flat on the towel to dry as well. However, the towel used should be clean to ensure the pearl remains clean.

  • Apply olive oil

Lastly, after the pearl cage is dry, you should apply a small amount of olive oil on pearls using a clean cloth. The cloth should be dipped into the oil, and then gently wiped gently over the cage. You should ensure that the olive oil has lightly coated the pearl. The olive oil preserves the metal cage pendant and makes it remain shiny.

pearls Metal Cage Pendant
  • In conclusion

It is very essential to take care of pearl cage pendant as a way of preserving it and ensuring that it does not rust. The cages in question are designed shinning so that they have a smart and attractive look. Therefore, if not well taken care of, they are most likely to rust, thus being no longer attractive. In response, this article gives you steps on how to clean pearls as a way of ensuring that they are well taken care of and remains smooth and fashionable.

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