swimsuit- American Apparel

Please replace the word weekend with CENTURY. American Apparel are having the craaaaaaaaaziest sale at the moment. AA is probably one of those shops that I covet almost everything , but the prices, ohhh the prices, they are not kind. I’ve been hearing a lot about this sale on YouTube and have seen a lot of people hauling items from it, so when I happened to be in London the other day I had to check out the store,  my jaw literally hit the floor (ok maybe not literally but yh). 70, 80 and 90% off, like whaaaat?! I’m so annoyed I didn’t go earlier because I saw so many amazing items for so little but none of them were in my size. Anyway on this particular buy, I managed to snag £48.80 OFF, it was originally £61 and I got it for £12.20, like how amazing? This cosie will be perfect for my holidays, with a pair of shorts on top it could double up as a gorgeous floral body. It reminds me so much of 90s swimwear with the high leg and print and I am definitely going to be getting  more 90s inspired swimwear from AA! Unfortunately I’m probably not gunna rock the look as well as these 90s babes!


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