BEST CONCEALER IN THE WORLD?! Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX12.

When I started this blog I used to do a fair amount of beauty posts and that kind of ended when I realised that my descriptive skills are abysmal, I do love a good wander around Boots, always caving for the big 3 for 2 signs plastered all over the shop, oh and when it comes to a night out I feel like Britain’s best MUA by the time I leave the house, if only that equated to being a good beauty blogger. So although writing about beauty products is not my forte, I’ll attempt to translate my love, because this product- worth the exception.

The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is a thick, creamy, multi-purpose skin base that can be manipulated into almost any coverage for any use (ok maybe no any use, I can’t see it being that great of a lipstick), at full concentration the coverage is unbeatable and even when sheered out the finish of this product is unprecedented. Although it does cost a steep £38 for what looks like a tiny pot, don’t let it fool you, because this is nothing less than a tiny pot of magic and 100% worth the premium price. 18g seems like a modest amount, but with this being probably the most pigmented product on the market of it’s kind, this could last you anything from a year to three. Only a a rice grain amount is needed to conceal or cover the whole face.

I can’t comment on it as a foundation because I prefer to use it as a concealer at full concentration, but a quick Google search will show you all the different ways people go about applying this as a foundation.


Extremley pigmented, with such a full coverage that is great for blemishes and dark under eyes.
+ Coverage can be tailored to your liking. Mixed with moisturiser or a primer it can be transformed to a dewy sheer base.
+ Gives an amazing, flawless finish, without looking like you have tons of product on your face.
+ Product lasts for months, if not years. I am not exaggerating by saying only a dot of this stuff will do the trick for the day.
+ Long lasting, stays put.


– May take some time to work out the best way to wear and apply to your skin type.
– Not as simple to use as other concealers were you can just whack the product onto your face in a rush (we all have those days).
– £38 isn’t exactly cheap, once you’ve tried it I doubt you’ll want to repurchase (but don’t worry that won’t be any time soon).
 If applied wrong, or excessively this could result in quite a caked face.

I really do not rave about products and when it comes to my make-up I’m pretty flexible on what I use as long as it looks alright, but once you’ve mastered how this product works best on your skin, it really does do wonders and while I’m maybe not bold enough to say it is the best concealer in the world, I doubt anything I ever try will be comparable.

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