I know it’s not Summer yet but I can dream right? I’ve been dreaming of Summer now more than ever with the weather in the UK finally perking up, Dubai and Ayia Napa planned and an extra long Summer ahead of me before Uni I am sooo excited and I cannot wait for school and exams to be over and for me to be in the sun, by the pool, cocktail in hand! So here are a few things that I’m hoping to get up to or do this Summer, and hopefully I can tick them off as they are completed.

  1. Vlog Napa and Dubai, any vlog camera suggestions? Can’t exactly use my SLR to vlog easyly, please let me know below if you have any!
  2. Go on a road trip (which would mean passing my driving test). I’ll also need a car which I don’t have so this is looking like a more and more unrealistic goal, anyone else wanna drive?
  3. Watch the sunset/sunrise on the beach. 
  4. Go paragliding on holiday. Or any sort of water sport besides jet skiing, I’ve done it before but it kind of only hit me after how dangerous they are which really unsettles me
  5. Go bright with my hair! Grey or blue? I really want to dye my hair a fun colour and Summer is the best time to get away with that!
  6. Visit a theme park. If you don’t go to Thorpe Park (or Alton Towers) in Summer WHAT? It’s the best time to go! You dry so quickly after the water rides as well!
  7. Go to a concert/ festival. I can’t go to see my bae Drake at Wireless because I’m away (weep with me guys :’/) and I do not think I’m cut out to stay all of Reading so any other suggestions?
  8. Get a crazy cool henna tattoo. Last year in Zante I got a pretty rubbish inside joke henna but I want a really extravagant mehndi design, definitely going to by some tubes to play around with.
  9. Save A LOT for Uni. Hopefully when I’m not away or blogging I can use my time productively to work, I’m not sure if I’m ready for the renowned strained finances of a proper student, au revoir branded food.


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